Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Super Bowl XLI Odds

Bookies are starting to release their 2007 Super Bowl odds. Not surprisingly, Indy is leading the way with the Patriots right behind.

I'm a bit surprised that San Diego is tied with the Patriots since they didn't even make the playoffs this year, though no one doubts their talent level.

Also, you can see the natural bias towards the AFC that now exists. Just 10 years ago the NFC dominated EVERYTHING in the NFL, and now the reverse is true. Only Seattle is included in the top 8 teams.

I also find it interesting that the entire NFC East is shown at 20 to 1 ... no one knows who is for real in the division. I hope it's my Cowboys...

Full betting odds, 2007 Super Bowl:

Indianapolis Colts 5-2

New England Patriots 10-1

San Diego Chargers 10-1

Pittsburgh Steelers 12-1

Seattle Seahawks 14-1

Kansas City Chiefs 15-1

Denver Broncos 15-1

Cincinnati Bengals 15-1

Philadelphia Eagles 20-1

Chicago Bears 20-1

New York Giants 20-1

Washington Redskins 20-1

Dallas Cowboys 20-1

Carolina Panthers 20-1

Atlanta Falcons 30-1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30-1

Jacksonville Jaguars 30-1

Minnesota Vikings 40-1

Miami Dolphins 40-1

Baltimore Ravens 40-1

Oakland Raiders 50-1

St Louis Rams 60-1

Arizona Cardinals 75-1

Detroit Lions 75-1

Cleveland Browns 100-1

Buffalo Bills 100-1

New York Jets 100-1

Green Bay Packers 100-1

Houston Texans 100-1

Tennessee Titans 100-1

San Francisco 49ers 200-1

New Orleans Saints 200-1

Joe Denies the Report...

Joe Montana says the issue wasn't money, but rather that his son had a basketball game he wanted to attend. Now wanting to attend a child's event is a noble thing...but using it as an excuse when money was the issue is a sad and pathetic thing. The truth? We'll never know, but my hunch is that $$$$$ wins the day....

Monday, February 06, 2006

Being a Christian Student

A good friend of mine, Ryan Anderson - Princeton Class of 2004, has written a great article on being a Christian on a college campus. Many of us have been in situations in college where the line between Christian and pagan is remarkably grey. We've also asked ourselves the question: How should my faith affect my college years? Ryan offers a few points to ponder and challenges us to take another look at how we approach our work, faith and education.

Ryan brings up three points:
1) We are sanctified through our work, including (and especially during our college years) our academic work

2) Recognize that that God's truth is vast - faith and reason / sacred and secular - and as a result there are many avenues in which one can come to a greater knowledge and love of God

3) Though Christianity does not contradict reason, recognize that reason is not enough for us. As Ryan puts it: "Do not fall into the trap of thinking reason alone is sufficient"

The Olympics are Friday!?!

Is it just me or are these the least hyped Olympics in recent memory? Can you name more than 2 or 3 American athletes? Did you know that the olympics open this friday? I doubt it. NBC has done a terrible job getting the word out. The result will no doubt be below average ratings, unless the US hockey team gets to the finals and Michelle Kwan has a chance to win the gold.

Or if they let Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding go at it in a ultimate fighting championship style fight in the middle of the skating rink...that would be sweet.

Consumerlike Mega-churches?

Here's an interesting article on the recent growth of protestant megachurches in the U.S. One quote that jumped out to me:

The growth of megachurches in recent decades has come about because of a common historic cycle in U.S. religion: faith institutions reinventing themselves to meet the consumerlike demands of worshippers, said Paul Harvey, American history professor at the University of Colorado who specializes in U.S. religious history.

"We have a market economy of religion," he said. "Megachurches just show the instant adaptability of religious institutions. They reflect how Americans have morphed their religious institutions into the way they want them to be. Religious institutions have to respond to that."

This brings up some interesting questions:
1) Should churchgoers have their "consumerlike" demands met? Since when do people really know what they want? Or better yet, since when do people really know what they ought to have?
2) Has the proliferation of protestant denominations in the US created a true "market economy of religion"? Can everyone now find something they like? Is this even a good thing?
3) Are churches no longer being judged on whether or not they preach truth, but rather on their marketing and entertainment abilities?

FBR Open results

Congrats to J.B. Holmes on his 1st PGA victory (in only his 4th PGA event). It was pretty tight for most of the round...but then he made a CLUTCH eagle on 15 while Ryan Palmer plunked two in the water for a sweet 8...GAME OVER.

J.B. is one of the longest hitters on tour (currently ranked 2nd on tour with a 316 yard average) despite the fact that his swing is actually pretty short. He is a former SEC player of the year and won the PGA qualifying school tournament last year...he is solid. We will definitely be hearing more from this kid. I wish I had picked him up on my golf fantasy team...doh!

Here's a link to the story on pgatour.com:


Also, good job to Scott Verplank, a close family friend, on his 2nd place performance. Scott is due a tournament win sometime this year. Mark my words...

Say it ain't so Joe!

Can you believe that he didn't want to appear at the Super Bowl's MVP ceremony because they wouldn't give him $100,000 appearance fee? Are you serious!?! How many of us would suffer torture in order to even GO to the Super Bowl, much less PLAY in one, even less WIN one (or four in Joe's case). Stories like this make professional athletes seem like the biggest babies around. They always need to be reminded that they live in a fantasy world...so stop whining and just participate in the festivities Joe!

This is from Newsday:
"According to a source familiar with Montana's Cancel situation, the former three-time MVP asked that he be guaranteed $100,000 in appearance money during his time at the Super Bowl. The league could not accommodate that request, so Montana declined to be in attendance."

Here's the link to the story.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Football Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Troy Aikman, Reggie White, Rayfield Wright and the rest of the 2006 Football Hall of Fame inductees! There has always been a bias against the Dallas Cowboys players....but a least a little justice is being done by getting two in this year. Hopefully Michael Irvin and Drew Pearson will be honored soon.


Friday, February 03, 2006

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or maybe this one?

I like this one too...

Lazy Sunday from SNL

This has nothing to do with Catholicism or golf, but it is really stinking funny...it's been in my head now for several weeks and my wife is definitely getting tired of me quoting it.


And I agree, Googe Maps is the best...double true!