Monday, May 01, 2006

University presidents battle for honors in spinelessness

John Leo at gives his annual Sheldon Awards...given to lame university presidents who love double standards. He names five in this article....he could have gone on forever if he'd looked closer at the Ivy League presidents. Here's the intro to the article:

University Presidents Battle for Honors in Spinelessless
by John Leo

It's time for this column to announce its Sheldon Award, given annually to the university president who does the most to look the other way when free speech is under assault on campus. As all Sheldon fans know, the prize is a statuette that looks something like the Oscar, except that the Oscar shows a man with no face looking straight ahead, whereas the Sheldon shows a man with no spine looking the other way. The award is named for Sheldon Hackney, former president of the University of Pennsylvania and a modern legend in looking the other way.

College presidents who say and do nothing about newspaper thefts or unconstitutional speech codes usually make it to the Sheldon finals. But not this year. The competition was too keen. At least five colleges suffered thefts of newspapers in April 2006 alone, too many for even the most relentlessly silent president to make much headway toward a Sheldon.


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