Monday, May 15, 2006

The Social Conservatives Want Bush to Do Something....

Here's an article from the NY Times explaining how many social conservatives feel that Bush has betrayed them since getting into office for the 2nd time. Betrayed may be too strong a word..."forgotten" may be more appropriate. They feel they are due some favors since they were the ones that really put him into office. They especially want to focus on the marriage amendment Here's a blurb from Dr. James Dobson:

Dr. Dobson, whose daily radio broadcast has millions of listeners, has already signaled his willingness to criticize Republican leaders. In a recent interview with Fox News on the eve of a visit to the White House, he accused Republicans of "just ignoring those that put them in office."

Dr. Dobson cited the House's actions on two measures that passed over the objections of social conservatives: a hate-crime bill that extended protections to gay people, and increased support for embryonic stem cell research.

"There's just very, very little to show for what has happened," Dr. Dobson said, "and I think there's going to be some trouble down the road if they don't get on the ball."

We'll see if the Republicans can get the message in time for midterms...


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