Tuesday, May 02, 2006

John Daly...what?!?@$!@?

So, John Daly...winner of TWO major championships has quite a track record of difficulties:

- alcoholism (claimed that he drank a fifth of Jack each and every day during the year he was 23 years of age) and has gone through at least three "programs"
- overweight
- three divorces
- wife in prison
- was kicked off airplane flight for abuse of the flight attendant while drunk
- smokes like a chimney
- got into several post round fights in parking lots
- many, many instances of making 10+ on holes on the PGA Tour from not caring
- once had to quit a tournament because he had the trembles so bad....that was sad to watch
- and much, much more....

However, he dropped an absolute bombshell in his recent book...apparently over the last 10 years or so, he has lost appromixately $50 to 60 MILLION DOLLARS ON GAMBLING. Are you serious? What? He tells one story in his book of earning $750,000 when he lost in a playoff to Tiger Woods last fall in San Francisco at a World Golf Championship. Instead of going home, he drove to Las Vegas and says he lost $1.65 million in five hours playing mostly $5,000 slot machines. Wow.

Here's an article from Sports Illustrated about it.


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