Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Howard Dean: Democrats have common values with evangelicals

Really? Let's go through a brief list....

Right to kill a baby....nope
The sacred institution of marriage is between a man and a woman....sorry
Embryonic stem cell research...don't think so
Christian heritage of our nation....not a chance
Faith is central to life....not really
Tolerance....different definitions
Inclusivity....oh please
And the list continues...

Here is a comment from Mr. Dean in this he says these things with a straight face I'll never know:

"The truth is, we have an enormous amount in common with the Christian community, and particularly with the evangelical Christian community,” Dean said. “And one of the biggest things that Democrats worry about is the materialism of our country, what's on television that our kids are seeing, and the lack of spirituality. And that's something we have in common."

But the Democrats’ record on hot political issues such as abortion, gay marriage, and separation of church and state don't match up with that of evangelicals. Still, Dean said that evangelicals do not need to be scared off by Democrats.

He said, “I'm a Democrat because of my values. My values include inclusiveness -- they include not leaving more debt to our kids than we have ourselves. My values including wanting our values to drive our public policies. My values include not having kids going to bed hungry at night. Now those are values that I bet I share with the vast majority of evangelicals.”

Mr. Dean, here are some other "values" you share with evangelicals that you can include on your list:
- you both like sunlight
- you think flowers are pretty
- you like to yell out "yee haw" (most evangelicals are in the south)
- breathe air
- you exist

As long as the Democratic platform supports the slaughter of unborn children, faithful evangelicals and catholics will vote another way...period.


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