Monday, May 01, 2006

The Bishop of Fort Bend bring the hammer down on Notre Dame...

Bishop D'Arcy is greatly disappointed in the leadership of Notre Dame, who recently allowed the Vagina Monologues to be presented on campus. It was an opportunity to show the world that Notre Dame will stand for Truth and Light, and instead, they caved to the whims of society.

I have to say that I'm greatly encouraged to hear a bishop come out and speak against the intellectual and moral trash that many Catholic universities are spewing out these days.

Here is a phenomenal quote from his pastoral letter to the diocese:

Only when Notre Dame makes its great decisions in light of the truths of faith will its Catholic identity grow. To set aside these truths, as seems to have happened in this case, at least in the campus-wide discussions and in Father Jenkins’ Closing Statement, is to turn away from its vocation. It lacks fidelity to Father Sorin’s original enterprise and to the vocation to which every Catholic university is called.

Does this decision and the way it was explained mean that Notre Dame and its leadership will no longer make its critical decisions based on faith, on revealed truth, on those things which come from God and the church, but only on those things that may seem to endear it to secular institutions of higher learning? I pray that this may never be so.

And he closes the letter with:

Some have said that this is a watershed moment in Notre Dame’s history and certainly any discussion of academic freedom and Catholic character goes to the heart of Notre Dame’s everyday life — both in theory and in practice. Consequently, I believe that many people of good will who wish only blessings on Notre Dame will share my concern that on matters such as academic freedom, human sexuality, the nature of truth, the link between freedom and truth, the teaching of the church was not brought to bear on the wide-ranging dialogue and did not seem to find adequate room in the president’s closing statement.

Notre Dame, with its vast resources, can do better than this. I believe it will. Its responsibility to its students and to the position it has attained in Catholic higher education calls it to do better.

I do believe that Our Lady watches over Notre Dame and I place this matter in her hands, the woman of faith so revered in this place. We need her prayers and the light of her Son, who is the Way, the Truth and the Light during these hours and always.


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