Saturday, April 22, 2006

Unbelievable! The Rangers are in 1st place!

Kevin Mensch (aka "Shrek") bombed a grandslam in the first inning against the D-Rays and the Rangers were off. After a 2-7 start, the Rangers are now 8-9 and tied for 1st place with the Angels and A's (thank God that the whole division has struggled thus far this season). They've won their last two series (on the road vs. the A's and Mariners) and are looking to win this one as well. The starting pitching has performed pretty well so far (despite Loe's 6 runs allowed last night) and the bats are just now getting heated up. Maybe there's a chance....

Jim Reeves, from the FW Star Telegram, thinks that the Rangers may have "discovered themselves" during their western roadtrip. Here's the intro:

Did Rangers discover themselves out West?

In My Opinion

Between catnaps, Buck Showalter stared out the window into the darkness during the Rangers' four-hour plane ride home from Seattle on Thursday night, searching for answers he knew he wouldn't find in the stars.

It's too early for answers, and he understands that.

Do you?

Don't tell me you didn't panic when the Rangers kicked off the season with a dreadful 2-5 homestand, or that you haven't been dog-cussing Francisco Cordero for at least a week.

I know you and I know you're still skeptical, even after the Rangers rolled off a surprising 5-4 record, despite blowing two ninth-inning leads on their 11-day, nine-game tour of AL West cities.

That's OK. You have a reason and a right to be suspicious. Three weeks into the season, we still don't know who or what these Rangers are. But we're learning.

"We're paid to figure out why, but sometimes there's no answer," Showalter said before the Rangers defeated Tampa Bay 13-7 at The Ballpark in Arlington on Friday night. "As much as everyone, including us, wants to know the ending right now, we have to play it out.

"We did some things on this trip that made us feel pretty good about what might happen."

It was the first time in four years that a Rangers team has had a winning record on a road trip of at least nine games, and the first time they've accomplished that in all American League cities in five years.

The Rangers went head-to-head with each of their division rivals in their own ballparks and didn't back down. That's something tangible, but as for what it means, ask me again in six months.


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