Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Rangers are struggling at 2-7

Even with Hank Blalock's homerun last night, the Rangers managed to lose to the Angels 5-4. They had a 4-1 lead after the top of the 7th, but the bullpen (including CoCo) let it get away. Supposedly the bullpen was supposed to be greatly improved this year...maybe not. The Rangers play the Angels again tonight, trying not to get swept for the series.

Also, the offense has not been that great this year. That's what happens when to rely on the homerun too much...the Rangers stink at "manufacturing" runs by sacrificing, stealing bases, pulling off hit & runs and the like...instead they wait to bomb one out of the park. But when that doesn't happen, you lose 7 of your first 9 games. It may end up being a really long year. Good thing I didn't order season tickets this year....


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