Thursday, April 27, 2006

Peer Pressure Conversions to Islam

Here's an article that goes into the pressure Christians feel in Pakistan...and the intimidation that leads many to "convert" to Islam. It's a simple choice: convert or die. Heaven will be full of Pakistani martyrs...

From the article:

In February about 400 people attacked and burnt a church in the southern city of Sukkur after accusations that a local Christian had burned pages from the Koran.

After a similar allegation last November a Muslim mob wielding axes and sticks set fire to three churches, a dozen houses, three schools, a dispensary, a convent and two parsonages.

The attacks were the worst on Pakistan's Christian community since 2002, when Muslim fanatics led an assault on a church with grenades on Christmas Day. Three young girls were killed in that attack, at Chianwala, 40 miles north of Lahore.


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