Thursday, April 27, 2006

Motorcross for Christ?

Only Baptists from Oklahoma (where I'm from) could come up with a creative idea like this. I may not agree with some of the theology of the Baptists, but dang, you've got to give them credit for using ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING to promote the gospel of Christ.

Motocross rally with Gospel message leads many to Christ

By Dana Williamson
OKMULGEE, Okla. (BP)--About 300 teenagers made decisions for Christ at the conclusion of four-days of evangelistic outreach in the North Canadian Baptist Association in Oklahoma.

The Extreme Sports School Assemblies conducted in schools throughout and an evangelistic meeting concluding the events resulted in 170 professions of faith among the decisions.

A Sunday night rally at First Baptist Church in Okmulgee, attended by about 350 youth, was designed to encourage Christian students to pray for their lost friends that week and get them to the final event on Wednesday evening. Twelve professions of faith were recorded at that event.

Six school assemblies -- two each day on Monday through Wednesday -- focused on a positive message of how to make an extreme impact in life. Before the evangelistic rally on the campus of OSU Tech in Okmulgee on Wednesday night, the students were entertained by motocross racers leaping high into the air on their motorcycles.

One of those racers, Brad Bennett, told the students they had a choice of going to heaven or to hell.


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