Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hillary Clinton sort of pro-life?

NOPE!!!! But she will go to amazing lengths in order to get rid of Rick Santorum, Senator from Pennsylvania, since he is #1 on the Democrats' hit list (and why not since he's a conservative, pro-life, faithful Catholic....)

Hillary has been stumping for pro-life Democrat (which is, unfortunately, almost a contradiction in terms nowadays) Bob Casey. This, of course, is driving the pro-abortion libs off the deep end.

Quote from the Pennsylvania chapter of Killing Unborn Babies, Inc.:

"I am disappointed she's going against the Democratic policy and is helping a candidate who does not support women's reproductive rights," said Joanne Tosti-Vasey, the president of the National Organization for Women's Pennsylvania chapter.

If they knew that he could beat Santorum, the Democrats would probably be willing to put Satan on the ballot...

Here is the link from the NY Daily News.


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