Monday, April 17, 2006

Gnostic Christianity Meditation & Gospel of Judas

I found this gnostic christian website, and boy are they excited about this "new" Gospel of Judas. They love the conspiracy theorists. There are some sweet gems on this site..such as:

According to “orthodox” Christianity the divine incarnation of Christ transpires as atonement for the sins of humanity, and through blind belief in religious creeds and doctrines – faith that “Jesus died for our sins,” we are “saved” from the consequence of our sins. In Gnostic Christianity, however, the issue is not sin, but ignorance, and Jesus is viewed as a Gnostic Revealer – an enlightened or divine being who teaches the Way of Enlightenment and Liberation. Essentially, by revealing the truth and light of Christ, Jesus liberates us from ignorance, showing us the illusory nature of the world and revealing our true identity in the Divine Light. Indeed, the miracles and wonders, and the crucifixion and resurrection – all of this is to show us the true nature of reality, that it is the radiant display of our own mind, consciousness or soul. Through this gnosis or spiritual knowledge we are delivered from our bondage to sorrow and suffering, knowing the peace and joy of the Risen Christ – hence, the truth of Divine conscious within and beyond the body.

But what I really liked was its section on how to meditate....enjoy!

The Meditation

Sit in a place you will not be disturbed, and allow your body to find its own natural rhythm of breath – relax, yet remain alert, allowing yourself to be present in the moment.

As you sit in meditation, keep your back in a comfortable but straight position, and when you have settled in and are present in the moment, envision the image of the spiritual sun (a sphere of golden light) in the place of your heart.

Be aware of this center of light as the presence of the Christ Self, your inner and divine self; and gather your consciousness into this divine center.

Centering yourself within the spiritual sun – becoming the spiritual sun, envision your whole body filled with the divine light and pervaded by the divine light, your body becoming self-radiant like the sun.

Then envision above your head a great and holy star of white brilliance, as though formed of a diamond-like light, sparkling with rainbow hues, and allow a yearning, a deep desire, to arise for union with the divine light above.

As the desire for union increases, envision your body dissolving into pure and fluid light, and as the light, envision and feel yourself ascending to that great and holy star – the subtle body of divine light above, and let yourself merge with that body of light. (As you envision your ascent, to facilitate concentration, you can intone the seed-sound “Ah,” falling silent as you enter into union.)

It is as though you are a being of light in an ocean of light as you ascend and enter into union – as you ascend, do not grasp at any vision that might arise, but go to the light above and merge with the light. Abiding in union with the light, listen and hear what the Divine Spirit speaks, look and see what the Divine Spirit reveals – know yourself in the Oneness of the Most High.

When you are ready to conclude your meditation, remember those who are in need and send light to them with conscious intention for their happiness and well-being, and then close your meditation with thanksgiving to the Divine within yet ever beyond, all as you are inspired. When you go out into the world, walk in remembrance of the Divine Light and go out as a Light-bearer: walk in beauty and holiness.


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