Monday, April 17, 2006

Feminization of the Christian Man?

An assistant professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is arguing that modern day Christianity is geared towards women and not doing enough to support and encourage men. He argues: "The current feminization of Christianity reflects a larger trend in pop culture where women are pushed to be more masculine and men are pushed to be more feminine." I'd have to agree.

One interesting point he brings up, which I had never thought about, is that most worship songs use romantic language to describe the relationship between God and man...which in many cases is not how a man would normally expresses his love of God. Again he says: "Loving God is biblical, but falling in love with Jesus is a contemporary, romanticized view of the relationship between people and Christ. Men should not be made to feel that having a relationship with Christ means that you have to check your masculinity at the door."

John Elderidge's "Wild at Heart"
is a great book to read on this topic...I did a bible study for a semester with high school boys on the topic, and there is no doubt that few young men really know what it means to be a "Christian man".


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