Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Challenges of Faith-Based Initiatives

Professor John Dilulio, a professor of mine at Princeton (but now at the safety school Penn), talks about the challenges that exist for faith-based initiatives. Hopefully the government can get out of the way and let these organizations do the good that they are capable of.

From the article:

President Bush has repeatedly called supporting religious groups that help the poor "the most important domestic initiative of my presidency." Last year, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D., N.Y.) preached in Boston that nobody "is more likely" to serve the needy than "someone who sees God at work." Rather than continue to "have a false... debate about the role of faith-based institutions," she insisted, we should "provide the support that is needed on an ongoing basis."

Amen, but President Bill Clinton signed the first relevant federal law in 1996, President Bush's faith-based initiative began in 2001, and Washington still has not come close to providing "the support that is needed on an ongoing basis." That, however, can finally begin to happen, and soon.


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