Friday, April 28, 2006

Are we ready for a Mormon president?

Robert Novak has an interesting column in the Chicago Sun-Times talking about whether or not Mitt Romney (Gov. of Massachusetts) can win the presidency. The crux of the issue is whether or not the "Religious Right", many of whom do not think Mormons are really Christians, are willing to choose someone who is not a true Christian (even if Hillary is the opponent).

Here's the intro to the article:

Religion may hinder Romney in '08

April 27, 2006


Mitt Romney, in his last nine months as governor of Massachusetts, was in Washington Tuesday to address the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in an early stage of his 2008 presidential campaign. To a growing number of Republican activists, he looks like the party's best bet. But any conversation among Republicans about Romney invariably touches on concerns of whether his Mormon faith disqualifies him for the presidency.

The U.S. Constitution prohibits a religious test for public office, but that is precisely what is being posed now. Prominent, respectable Evangelical Christians have told me, not for quotation, that millions of their co-religionists cannot and will not vote for Romney for president solely because he is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If Romney is nominated and their abstention results in the election of Hillary Rodham Clinton, that's just too bad. The evangelicals are adamant, saying there is no way Romney can win them over.


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