Thursday, April 27, 2006

1 in 5 Attend Mass in Boston

Such a sad statistic, but not surprising. It's also not surprising since Boston is the national headquarters for every fruit loop "lay organization" that promotes heresy. People yearn for Truth and orthodoxy...something substantial...not this feel good, everything is cotton candy, go to your happy place kind of Church. Much needs to be done in the Boston archdiocese...we should all keep Cardinal O'Malley in our prayers.

Here's a part of the article:

Fewer than one in five Catholics who live in the Boston Archdiocese regularly attend Mass at a parish, according to church statistics. The archdiocese estimated its Catholic population at about 1.85 million in 2005, but Mass attendance was just 319,559 (17.3 percent), according to numbers from the archdiocese.

While attendance has dipped from around 20 percent prior to the clergy sex abuse crisis, which centered in the Boston Archdiocese, experts see the numbers as part of a wider trend - a de-emphasis on Mass as a critical part of Catholic living.

Cardinal Sean O'Malley said Thursday that lower Mass attendance was "certainly a concern."


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