Friday, March 03, 2006

Life = Life Posters at Princeton

If you remember a few weeks ago, the Pride Alliance put up "Love=Love" posters on campus showing straight and gay couples kssing. Well, the pro-life group has decided to use the buzz from those posters and do their own: "Life = Life". Good for them. Here's the beginning of an article from the Prince:

Pro-Life posters University to spark discussion

Just as members of the Pride Alliance believe that "Love = Love" between any two people, Princeton Pro-Life believes that "Life = Life" from the moment of conception on through adulthood.

And like the "Love = Love" flyer campaign, "Life = Life = Life" has met with opposition.

Only a few hours after the posters — meant to spark debate at Princeton about abortion — were put up, several of them located outside Frist Campus Center were torn down. Tom Haine '08, Princeton Pro-Life's (PPL) president, attributed the posters' removal to students' "unwillingness to confront the issues."

The PPL fliers present facts about abortion and images of human infants and fetuses.

"Many students are apathetic about abortion," Haine said. "They refuse to talk about it or see anything related to it even though it is costing so many lives."

He added that the "Love = Love" campaign started before Valentine's Day "really got lots of students talking and debating about different forms of love between different people. We want to do the same thing with our postering campaign, to spark debate about abortion."


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