Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Yale Sex Week isn't bad they need a magazine

For those of you who don't know, Yale has a modern day tradition called "Sex Week." Its stated purpose: An exploration of love, sex, intimacy and relationships at Yale. Now if it's coming from the perspective of JPII's Theology of the Body, then it could be a great thing, but instead it is absolutely one of the most disgusting and inappropriate programs ever put together for a university, and that's saying something. Some of the classes this year include:

4:00pm -- LC 101
The College Striptease
(let’s face it – we all want to learn how to do it)
Miyoko, former Playboy TV host

8:00pm & 10:00pm -- Commons
Brynne Lieb Lingerie Show, two showings
Lingerie, Commons, Red carpet, and 18 of Yale’s hottest. Enough said. $8.

4:00pm -- LC 102
The Real Porn In The Morn: A panel featuring Jesse Jane, star of PIRATES
Panel with PIRATES star Jesse Jane, director Joone, and First Amendment attorney Gregory A. Piccionelli, Esq.

Some examples of classes from previous years: "Seys Toys 101" and "History of the Vibrator".

And apparently now they are taking Sex Week to the next step, by creating a 60 page magazine to go with it. This is from the Daily Prince:

If you ever wanted to know how to choose the right condom or turn a fight with your date into a night of sweet love, students at Yale apparently have just the magazine for you.

"Sex Week at Yale: The Magazine," a 60-page glossy publication, will be distributed at Princeton by the end of the week. The magazine, which was written to accompany Sex Week at Yale (SWAY), contains an eclectic mix of articles on the perceptions of sex at college.

Besides advice from students, professors and "sexperts" on dating and sexual techniques, the magazine features interviews with Playboy executives and an adult film star, Jesse Jane. One Princetonian — Yale Comparative Literature professor Barry McCrea GS '04 — is featured in the magazine, where he shares his thoughts on dealing with unrequited love.

Sounds great doesn't it? National Review wrote a great article on Sex Week in 2004, it's definitely worth a read.

If you notice the Yale's seal above, it has their school's motto at the bottom: Lux et Veritas - Light and Truth. Think Sex Week is the "light and truth" that the founding fathers of the university had in mind? Didn't think so....


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