Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Super Bowl XLI Odds

Bookies are starting to release their 2007 Super Bowl odds. Not surprisingly, Indy is leading the way with the Patriots right behind.

I'm a bit surprised that San Diego is tied with the Patriots since they didn't even make the playoffs this year, though no one doubts their talent level.

Also, you can see the natural bias towards the AFC that now exists. Just 10 years ago the NFC dominated EVERYTHING in the NFL, and now the reverse is true. Only Seattle is included in the top 8 teams.

I also find it interesting that the entire NFC East is shown at 20 to 1 ... no one knows who is for real in the division. I hope it's my Cowboys...

Full betting odds, 2007 Super Bowl:

Indianapolis Colts 5-2

New England Patriots 10-1

San Diego Chargers 10-1

Pittsburgh Steelers 12-1

Seattle Seahawks 14-1

Kansas City Chiefs 15-1

Denver Broncos 15-1

Cincinnati Bengals 15-1

Philadelphia Eagles 20-1

Chicago Bears 20-1

New York Giants 20-1

Washington Redskins 20-1

Dallas Cowboys 20-1

Carolina Panthers 20-1

Atlanta Falcons 30-1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30-1

Jacksonville Jaguars 30-1

Minnesota Vikings 40-1

Miami Dolphins 40-1

Baltimore Ravens 40-1

Oakland Raiders 50-1

St Louis Rams 60-1

Arizona Cardinals 75-1

Detroit Lions 75-1

Cleveland Browns 100-1

Buffalo Bills 100-1

New York Jets 100-1

Green Bay Packers 100-1

Houston Texans 100-1

Tennessee Titans 100-1

San Francisco 49ers 200-1

New Orleans Saints 200-1


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