Friday, February 10, 2006

Robbie George on Being a Christian Student

In the same vein as an earlier post, Robbie George (my thesis advisor at Princeton and one of the smartest men alive) did an interview on being a Christian in the academy and how to live out one's faith in the academic arena.

This quote I found particularly powerful and how I wish universities would actually behave in this manner:

My belief is that the views of all faiths should be admissible in the classroom but that they should be subjected to the test of rational scrutiny. I think that when given a fair opportunity to compete on a plane of reason, Christian beliefs hold up very well, especially against secularist beliefs which I think do not do very well when subjected to acid test of rational scrutiny. So what I am for is a fair contest of ideas on the plane of reason with no bias in favor of Christian, Jewish, or Muslim ideas or secular ideas. I do have a problem when secularist ideology gets privileged in the name of a false neutrality and is given a kind of hegemony in the classroom. This hegemony then enables it to exclude a fair consideration of competing ideas, and liberal ideas prevail by default. That’s what I am against. What I am for is a fair fight on the plane of reason.

The article isn't very long, but there are some great nuggets of wisdom in it. Enjoy the reading!


At 12:42 PM, Blogger mkw said...

Great quote! And great interview. Thanks for posting it!


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