Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Princeton Loses to Penn AGAIN

Surprise, surprise. I predicted a 12 to 15 point loss...Princeton lost to Penn by 19 (60-41). Now what I don't like is Joe Scott's reaction to the loss:

"I thought our guys gave, it a good effort — it was a hard played game," head coach Joe Scott '87 said. "[But] they [Penn] played like the veteran team that they are."

Good effort? Penn scored 50% more points! Past coaches Carrill, Carmody and even Thompson would be majorly ticked off that they lost this badly to their archrival. Carrill probably would have thrown a chair across the court...

The score at halftime? 23-13 Penn. HOW CAN YOU SCORE 13 POINTS IN A HALF AND CALL IT A GOOD EFFORT?!?!?!?! My patience with Joe Scott is running out....


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