Sunday, February 12, 2006

Princeton is finally playing decent basketball

Princeton's basketball team had two good victories this weekend to improve to 5-1 in Ivy League play (I still can't believe we lost to stinking Cornell). On Friday night they defeated the lame university known as Harvard 60-59 and then beat treehugging Dartmouth 52-49 on Saturday night. Penn is undefeated in league play and we play them on Tuesday night at the Palestra. I bet Princeton loses by 12 to 15. I hope I'm wrong.

I personally have had great doubts about the direction Joe Scott has taken the team. The past season and a half has been a tremendous disappointment, especially for a team that is a perennial powerhouse in the league. Setting an NCAA record for fewest points (21) scored in a game since the 3-point line was instituted in 1986 was awesome. Then losing to DIVISION THREE team Davidson was so sweet. Oh yeah, their overall record is 7-12. Just FYI. I hope these recent victories are a demonstration of where the team is headed and not just random luck. Otherwise I may start up a new website or blog:


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