Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mavericks Lead the ESPN Power Rankings

The Mavericks lead the ESPN Power Rankings going into the 2nd half of the season. Go Mavs!

2005-06 Power Rankings: Week 16
1 (2) Mavericks 41-11 Since Kobe punked them for 62, Mavs have responded by going 23-4. Since Dampier became a sub, Mavs are 15-1 and have allowed 100 points just once.
2 (3) Pistons 42-9 Health and holding off Mavs and Spurs for home-court advantage are all that matter now. Unless you think Pistons have a 28-3 run in them.
3 (1) Spurs 40-12 Dismiss them at your own peril. As fragile as Spurs seem with Duncan and Manu at less than 100 percent, they're on pace to break the franchise record for wins (62).
4 (4) Suns 35-17 No joke: I think Suns can get to the Finals even without Stoudemire, assuming they get all the way to the West finals and let Mavs and Spurs beat each other up first.
5 (5) Nets 28-23 My favorite Nets fan, Sanford, is livid about Kidd's All-Star snub, with Jersey leading


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