Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Democrats Losing Hope?

This NYT article talks about how many Democrats are sensing that the opportunity to capitalize off the mistakes that President Bush and the Republicans have made is closing. They were hoping to have some great momentum going into the mid-term elections this fall, but that doesn't seem to be happening.

My opinions on why the Democrats seem to be going nowhere:
1) They haven't figured out how to be "pro-military" and "pro-security" while being "anti-war".

2) All of their major political figures are extremely liberal and bow down to the nut jobs of the far left. These figures include: Dean, Kerry, Hillary, Edwards (both John and Ted), Pelosi, Biden, etc. They don't have anyone who is remotely accesible to the middle class Christian (the largest voting bloc in our country).

3) The only point that unifies the entire party is abortion...they are pro-abortion through and through which, again, completely alienates a huge percentage of the American people. The Democrats are completely failing in their attempt to attract voters who care about "values", and this will continue to be true until they truly welcome pro-lifers back into the party.

4) Other than abortion, they don't stand FOR anything, only AGAINST whatever President Bush is for. You saw this very clearly during the past election...Bush was able to be optismistic, hopeful and cast vision, while Kerry was forced to be critical of the economy, the war, eduction, and on and on...according to him, the world was ending. People aren't inspired by whining, but rather from hope, vision and trust.



At 5:51 PM, Anonymous Nick Hladek said...

*Sigh* ... I really don't think that the Democrats or Republicans approach anything near a party line amenable to the gospel, which is fine with me (we can discuss this in another forum, Rob). The question from this Christian pacifist, however: is it at all possible to be anti-war and pro-military and pro-security (whatever pro-security means)? I, of course, think not. As Stanley Hauerwas put it aptly in his incindiary article "Why Gays (as a Group) Are Morally Superior to Christians (as a Group)": "I see no good reason why gays and lesbians should be excluded from military service; as a pacifist I do not see why anyone should serve." Now the article leads in different direction in order to discuss the incoherence of Christian ethics as concerns sexuality (in which gays and lesbians serve merely as a cipher for the repudiation of any real discussion about sex). Those issues notwithstanding, I wonder, Rob, how you might suggest a coherent platform in which someone could be anti-war but pro-military. Just war theory, in my view, is anti-war and highly military-ambivalent. So not that I want to take it easy on the Democrats, I just think that their anti-war/anti-military stance is at least morally consistent, if not popular. But is a corruption of ethical consistency the sine qua non of political grabs for power? Now I'm really starting to doubt the meaning of Christians in politics...


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