Monday, February 06, 2006

Being a Christian Student

A good friend of mine, Ryan Anderson - Princeton Class of 2004, has written a great article on being a Christian on a college campus. Many of us have been in situations in college where the line between Christian and pagan is remarkably grey. We've also asked ourselves the question: How should my faith affect my college years? Ryan offers a few points to ponder and challenges us to take another look at how we approach our work, faith and education.

Ryan brings up three points:
1) We are sanctified through our work, including (and especially during our college years) our academic work

2) Recognize that that God's truth is vast - faith and reason / sacred and secular - and as a result there are many avenues in which one can come to a greater knowledge and love of God

3) Though Christianity does not contradict reason, recognize that reason is not enough for us. As Ryan puts it: "Do not fall into the trap of thinking reason alone is sufficient"


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