Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Article on Anscombe Society in the Prince...

The Anscombe Society at Princeton is a group that promotes a Christian view of sexuality - recognizing that it is something sacred, beautiful and glorifying to God. This is in opposition to the world which states that sex is a commodity, merely pleasure or a means to power and control.

The promotion of chasitity as a virtue in the modern world is a difficult road to take, but I whole heartedly support what Anscombe is doing on campus and in the academy. Already they've gotten press from the NYT, AP and others. Their message is not a popular one, but it needs to be preached from the mountain tops regardless.

Here is today's article from the Prince.
Here is a previous USA Today story.
Here a commentary on them from Townhall.
From the Philly Daily News.
And their article from the AP, highlighted on MSNBC.


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